As a licensed mason for over 10 years, Kelly Ashley has honed his skills by doing work as intricate as placing stone veneers on homes to building block walls for commercial properties. We have been providing quality craftsmanship and service throughout the Las Vegas Valley, Boulder City and as far north as Mesquite for years. Each new project we take on gets our full attention and we make sure you receive the quality work that you deserve.

With our dedicated team of licensed masons we can meet your needs no matter the size of the job. If you need 15 feet of cinder block, we can help, or if you need 5000 feet of intricate stone work, we can help too. No job is too big or too small that A2 Masonry can't handle.


This custom wall was built in order to enhance a condominium conplex's front entrance and bring a new level of sophistication to the property.
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